Global Teaching Adventures is excited to bring you our new online TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course. One of the benefits of Global Teaching Adventures’ online TESOL course includes the supplemental readings and materials provided with each module to better prepare you for your classroom experience. These supplemental resources create a mixed media course, engaging you with videos, current articles on TESOL, and personal videos of our adventures abroad. Global Teaching Adventures offers much more than just a TESOL course and job placement, we offer a truly life-changing adventure.

If you have not signed up, please Sign Up here. We offer two types of TESOL courses, 120 hours (fifteen modules) and 20 hours (four modules). Each module must be completed with a minimum grade of 70% in order to pass and receive a TESOL certificate. Throughout the course, you will find articles for additional reading, video clips, and example lesson plans.
This is a self-guided course and you will be able to work at your own pace. After you have completed each module you will be prompted to complete a quiz regarding the information covered in the module.

Learning objectives

This course has the following key learning objectives:

  • To develop a basic understanding of the concepts and principles of teaching English as a second language.
    This includes understanding the different theories of, and approaches to, teaching English
  • To understand how the process of second language development occurs
  • To understand how the teacher’s role changes depending on the type of student
  • To develop a range of routines, skills, and strategies to teach English to people of all ages
  • To develop the ability to plan structured lessons
  • To gain confidence and familiarity with teaching ESL through significant and in-depth training

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